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Elgin Compact Air Curtain 120 cm 220V
Anyone who has a business with air conditioning knows the importance of having an air curtain at the entrance or a  wind curtain, as it is also known, the use of this air curtain seals the entry of dust , unpleasant odors, insects and, above all, it prevents the entry of external air, thus preserving the maintenance of the internal temperature always cool since it also prevents the exit of cold air from the environment.

Check out other benefits:

  • Compact Model: Available in sizes 90 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm.

  • Proven Savings: By turning on an air curtain in a climate-controlled environment, energy savings can reach 46%.

  • Remote control  Greater comfort and ease of use, it has two speed levels

  • Low Noise Level: More comfort and tranquility in your daily life.

  • Cross-Flow: The high air flow of the 'Cross-Flow' fan is extremely efficient resulting in a better cost-benefit ratio. The environment is air-conditioned and the entry of dust and insects is also prevented.


Cortina de Ar Elgin Compact 120 cm 220V

SKU: Cortina de Ar Elgin 220V


Code 3018621091
skyhub-migration true
Voltage 220V
classiEnergeticaClima does not have
manufacturer Elgin
guaranteeSupplier 12 months
voltageAutomotive 220V
voltageFurniture 220V
Device with Installation Not
Manufacturer Elgin
Brand Elgin
Size 120 cm
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