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Cold Room JC 4R-ESP 3x3 Standard Cooled Panels without Floor Panel with Cond Elgin 220V Mono

Cold Chamber JC 20 YEARS  STANDARD 3x3  Standard Cooled Panels with Floor Pain with Cond ELGIN 220v Mono
Perfect for your business!

If you are looking for a more efficient and economical solution for your trade, this is the ideal equipment.JC Cold Chamber 20 YEARSIt is perfect for preserving large quantities of products and foods, chilled or frozen.

They are built with double-sided insulation panels and have an excellent finish, and can be assembled according to the size of your need. of the refrigeration system.

Cold Room JC 3x3 Cooled

PriceFrom R$30,385.49

Cold Room JC 2x2 Cooled Floor Cond Elgin 220v Mono*

Main features:
Model:    2X2 STANDARD

Width x Length: 3,48 m x 3,28 m
Number of doors:1
Includes engine:Yea

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